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We ship our natural skin care products to UK, Europe, USA, Canada and most of the rest of the World. For shipping costs, just add a products to your basket and choose your country!


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Skin care product testers wanted

Do you like trying new skincare products? From time to time we bring out new lines, and we need willing people to test them for us! If you are interested in helping us out, do send us an email

Natural Skin Care for you


We're delighted you've come to Nothing Nasty. We hope you find something useful, be it products, ideas or advice!

Our products are all very suitable for the winter. They do not contain any water, and will moisturise deeply and nourish fully. You skin will feel comfortable and look radiant.

We want for you to enjoy beautiful skin, and will do our very best to help you - every step on the way. 


The Home of Artisan, Home Made Beauty Products

Do you suffer from dry and itchy skin? It may be your beauty products that are to blame. Why not try our completely natural and gentle products instead? All our moisturisers will instantly soothe your dry skin, and will over time reduce and/or completely remove the itch witout causing dependence. 




Look after your skin safely and gently with our 100% natural skin care range

All our ingredients have been minimally processed and contain all the natural goodness from the fruits, nuts and vegetables.

If you are prone to dry or sensitive skin, or if you get spots and acne, you will find that our natural moisturisers will really help your skin without aggravating your skin condition. Our toners are alcohol free, and will gently compliment our moisturisers. Our make up remover will not sting your eyes, but will remove the most stubborn of mascaras. Our castile soaps retain the natural oils and glycerin from the soap making process, so do not dry your skin like most other hand and face washes.

We believe skin care products should be made with as much care and love as  home made food. With fresh ingredients, shorter shelf life, care and attention, we make superior skin care products.

With natural skin care products for men, children and babies, our award winning pregnancy moisturiser and many products for the face and body, we cover most of your needs, naturally. 

Don't take our word for it... Check out our skin care products' ratings on the Skin Deep Website. Then check out the other products you have in your bathroom!


Our Natural skin care products are:

100% Pure: No compromises. If it isn't possible to make pure, we don't make it!

Free from unhealthy additives: Absolutely, totally. We're not hiding behind fancy words.

Perfume free: We use aromatherapy essential oils instead. 

Ethical: Recyclable and reusable bottles, minimal and degradable packaging.

Simple: We don't make it sound complicated, because it is better simple!

Handmade: Lovingly and carefully in Monmouthshire, Wales, UK!

Animal friendly: We do not test any of our products on animals.

Raw: Most of our products are raw

Vegetarian: All our products are vegetarian 

Vegan: Most of our products are vegan

Organic: We are using certified organic ingredients whenever possible.  

Our natural skin care products do not contain any of the following ingredients:






SLS, SLES (or any other synthetic detergent)



Mineral oil derivaties (petrolatum, paraffin etc)


Colours (we do not add any, all our colours are naturally in the ingredients)

Propylene Glycol

Butylene Glycol

Limonene, Linalool, Farnesol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Citral, Eugenol (we don't add any, essential oils do contain some of these substances naturally)


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Do you want to save paper? Then flip through our online brochure of natural skin care products.

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We sell travel sizes of most of our products. They are a low cost route to finding the product that works for you! Just to go the product you are interested in and choose the travel size from the drop down menu.


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