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Our Promises

No Chemicals: Many modern beauty products contain all manner of chemicals from formaldehyde, to parabens, alcohol and caustic soda. Take a look at the products in your bathroom. You will find that all of them contain a long list of incomprehensible ingredients. Even baby products contain harmful ingredients.

Your skin absorbs a large percentage of what is put on it, and most skin care manufacturers do not like to  advertise this fact. If it became common knowledge, they would be forced to change how they do things. We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that the products you put on your skin will do you good!

We know you don’t want to put chemicals on your skin, so we don’t put any chemicals in our products.

We do not package our products unnecessarily: We don’t put our bottles and jars inside boxes or cartons. The glass jars and bottles we use are beautiful and durable. They can be reused or recycled. We offer a refilling service - just return your empty product to us and we’ll post it back refilled at a 20% discount.

Environmentally aware: By buying our products you are not impacting the environment with harsh or synthetic chemicals. We are also working hard to reduce waste, to use sustainable and fair ingredients and we use renewable electricity.

Easy to use and understand: All our products have a detailed ingredients list in plain English so you know exactly what you are using. We have no need to hide behind fancy words! Nor do we want to confuse our customers!

Tried and tested: We only sell products that we have tried on friends and family, and that we like. Therefore we do not test anything on anyone else, certainly not on animals.

Only the finest ingredients: We spend a great deal of time deciding on the best ingredients to make your skin healthy and beautiful. From beeswax to sea salt, we use only natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible.

Personal Service: We are a small family run business. If you have any questions please talk to us. For those with particular skin conditions, we can on request make products to order. For more info about problem skin, see our page on problem skin.

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