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Nothing Nasty Customer Testimonials 


We know our Natural skin care products are great, and that they will help you have beautiful skin. But, don't take our word for it! Read our testimonials, and decide for yourself.


"I learned about your company from looking for a cruelty-free soaps on the Peta website. I was also looking for  a company that makes products that do not have scary toxic ingredients, so I was cross checking companies listed as using exclusively safe ingredients on the Environmental Working Group's website. Nothing Nasty is one of a very few companies listed on both sites. Your products are absolutely lovely, a little indulgence for me and my family. My daughter loves the natural aromas in your liquid soaps. And your staff could not be more helpful." Mary Margaret, USA


"I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with the no itch cream. The eczema on my hands has healed within 3 days. The itching stopped instantly. Very impressive product. Thank you." Best wishes, Justine, UK


"I greatly appreciate your attention to my order.  I must reiterate that your products are the best that I have ever used.  It is a pleasure to shave with your oil.  My skin glows with health from your products.  I have started to make others aware about the superior quality of your product line." Michael, USA


"I heard about your through Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.  I look forward to receiving the Flawless Facial Moisturizer - It is the BEST product EVER!!! I no longer need to use anything for my rosacea - it's totally gone!!!  Thanks!" Sheila, USA


"I found you on the Skin Deep cosmetics register. As a breast cancer specialist I was meaning to change to "safe" cosmetics for a while, but only recently really have got round to actually replacing all my standard, rather nasty care products with lovely, simple, non toxic ones." Thank you. Nikola, Netherlands 


"I am back! After a year of trying to find products in the US that I like as well as yours, I have given up.  Yours are the best!  And I do not get allergic reactions to your products unlike every hypo-allergenic sensitive skin product I have tried. Many thanks for making such terrific products!" Mary Ellen, USA



"I just made a new order on the website, I really love your products. Our son has really bad eczema and the Elizabeth's No Itch cream works perfectly for him. After years of searching for a solution, we finally found it! Doctors always prescribed medical creams with cortisone but it only makes the skin thinner and thinner. So thank you for developing this natural cream!" Nicki, Switzerland



"Started using Nothing Nasty  around 10 months ago, and can not honestly imagine using anything else ever again! I am 35 with upsetting amounts of teenage style acne and VERY sensitive skin. In the past my skin would actually itch and feel very sore before breakouts, which prompted me to try quite drastic diet changes to test if I was actually wheat or dairy intolerant. Nothing seemed to make much difference until using your products. I think I started with just a natural soap, which within a couple of days had my skin feeling a lot calmer and less 'angry'. I then added in the flawless oil and was hugely impressed. Much better than the decleor I thought I loved before! I carried on using just these 2 products for a while but recently added the toner into my routine and cannot believe the difference it has made. My skin is so much better now, and any breakouts I do have are very minor. Have converted my husband and mother into using Nothing Nasty skin care products too!" Caroline, UK



"All the best and thanks for your excellent personal customer service." Calum, UK


"I look forward to receiving the Mandarin Castile Soap.  The products are fantastic! I really enjoy using them." Tracy, USA


"Your move to organic makes me twice as likely to buy your products for our family! Thank you so much, you're on a very short list of companies I consider safe." Hanna, USA


"I have really enjoyed your trial samples which I ordered first and the change in my skin has been remarkable!  In a previous email you asked how I found your company.  I have been working hard at going green and reading the book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano which has given me a great deal of advise and resources for making changes in my life. In this book they give a website where one can research the ingredients in the products that they are using on their skin.  I never realized the risk I was taking with the skin care products I was previously using. Your company and products were one of many given with a ranking of no risk and so here I am trying your products and loving what I am seeing and feeling very good about what I am absorbing into my blood stream and body." Jo Anne, USA


"I often use the Skin Deep website to check my skin care products prior to purchase... I have noticed your name on the "Good List" several times and had a baby shower gift to put together - so I decided to give you a try... In the USA, we cannot trust our skin care lines to be safe for human use as we do not have very tight regulations on beauty products - or baby products for that matter... so I try to research and get the healthiest products for the money... but honestly, it was your name that really made me order from you instead of one of the other names on the "Good List" It is cute and catchy and I thought it would make a cute addition to a basket for a mom-to-be... I am quite excited to know that you are a small, family run business - I am not only getting animal-by-product carcinogen free products for the largest and most important organ in my body, but I am supporting small business!  Hip Hip!" Jill, USA


"My order arrived yesterday I picked it up at the post today, no problems. Thank you for your excellent customer service :) !!" Chris, USA

"We received the shipment yesterday afternoon.  I have been trying some of them this morning.  I love the natural facial toners and facial moisturizers.  The aroma of the oils is therapeutic.  Like you stepped into a pristine meadow.  They are unique and wonderful products." Amber, USA

"Elin, Thank you for taking so much trouble to care for the packaging of my order!.. Thank you for you brilliant customer care!!" Katie, USA


"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and products!  am really, really impressed. I plan on tossing all my other skin care products in the trash. I can't believe the quality you offer and I'm astounded at your commitment to do things well at so many levels including offering a refill service! Wow. My partner and I will be using you exclusively for our personal care needs. Thank you for what you do. I can only wish that all other companies followed your philosophy and level of care. Kindest regards, A happy convert." Jennifer, USA


"Elin and Nothing Nasty, I just wanted to drop you a quick note after trying your products for the first time.  I was enthusiastic to try your skin care when I found your site. The products have far exceeded my expectations!  I have acneic, dry, and sensitive skin (quite a pain).  And there is no other line, including my dermatologist’s suggestions, that have dealt with all three issues.  I’m so grateful to have found your lovely company, and intend on telling anyone who will listen about Nothing Nasty!! "Sincerely, Katie, USA

"Hello Elin, We spoke earlier in the year and at that time you were not aware if you could send things to the United States. ... (ed. we do send to the States). Still to this date, you have the best and most simple products I have seen!!" Thanks, Shanda, USA

"Hi, I'm a new customer to Nothing Nasty. I'm very satisfied with all the products I've purchased, and I noticed on your site that you are looking for testers for new products. I'm very willing and happy to be a tester for any new products you consider adding to your website.  ... I know I will remain a loyal costumer to Nothing Nasty for a long time to come. :-)" Rachel, USA

"I do like your shampoo, because make my hair is soft and not tangled anymore, also for my children. I lost a lot of my hair and it stopped after I used your shampoo." Regards, Jainah, USA

"Hello, I just want to say thank you for your products. As a Muslim, it is very hard to find skin care products that are alcohol-free. Though there are scholars who say that products not injested through a body cavity containing alcohol (soaps, body wash, etc) may be permissible, many still prefer things alcohol-free so as to not have any doubt about the products we're using. So thank you for making things easier for us. It is a true blessing." Mariam, USA