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Nothing Nasty In the Press

We are a family run company with limited resources for advertising our Natural skin care products. We rely on your help to spread the word. Some of you have been very good at this!

We do have a few articles and reviews to share with you, and we hope you will enjoy reading about us. Here are our latest ones!

"Mum's Rock" Website

February 2009

"If roses and blooms just aren’t your thing then sample the rustic purity of Nothing Nasty’s sensual room spray. Conjuring up log cabins, giant sofas piled up with cushions and soft blankets and the roar of a crackling real fire, this spray will transform your home into that luxury boutique ski chalet you’ve always lusted after."

Winter Radiance Feature at Living

By Sam Ellis, January, 2009

"A lovely light, easily absorbed oil, which leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. Adjust the amount you use according to the condition of your skin" (Prime Moisturser)

The Examiner, Washington D.C. and San Fransisco

by Sara Schwartz, in the Body and Soul section, October 12, 2008

"Think baby oil’s the gentlest way to remove eye makeup? I dropped my cotton ball when learning about the “fragrances” typically added to baby oil. 

“Use natural oils instead,” advised Elin Ross Pedersen, creator of Nothing Nasty natural skin care products. “Go and buy sunflower oil — organic cold pressed — at the supermarket. Much better!”

Handmade in Wales, Pedersen’s products are free of unhealthy chemicals, not tested on animals and most are vegan. “Skin will absorb stuff you put on it, so it is important to make it healthy,” she said.

Eco-friendly cosmetics are the fastest-growing sector of the beauty industry. Sales at Nothing Nasty ( more than doubled since being listed on the Skin Deep cosmetic safety database ( Pedersen loves letters from customers — the man whose face appeared afflicted by psoriasis until using her Flawless moisturizing oil; the woman whose rough patches vanished."

"My Zero Waste "

By "Mrs Green", July 2008

A fabulouos website dedicated to reducing waste to almost nothing. This lady has gone to great lengths to stop rubbish from accumulating on the landfill sites. Rae writes wittily and insightfully, and if you want to know anything about recycling, this is the site to visit. She also happened to like our refilling service and glass bottles that can be reused and recycled.