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Most of our products are suitable for both women and men. Some might be considered a little too floral to suit most men, and if at all unsure just give us a call or email us and we will give you our honest opinion!

The products listed below are all either made especially for men, or have a scent that is especially suited for men.

The shave oil ensures your skin will stay smooth and soft, and will not get irritated, raw or sore. It has a lovely fresh fragrance. It can also be used as a moisturiser.

The foot spray will keep feet fresh all day, it has antibacterial and antimicrobial action. You can also spray it inside your shoes.

The Rosemary Castile Soap has a lovely fresh scent, and is great for all over body wash, the face and even hair (not suitable for very fine hair). You can also use it for shaving.

Other products that are suitable for men are: Ideal Facial Moisturiser, Flawless Facial Moisturiser, Ideal Facial Toner, Flawless Facial Toner, Toning and Stimulating Body Oil, Hand Creams and Lipbalms and Tea Tree Castile Soap!

Let us know if you want us to make something that is missing from this list!

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Smoothly Does It Shave Oil

For natural, gentle shaves with full performance. A large bottle that will last a long time, and makes for very good value.

Our natural shave oil has a light fresh fragrance, and does not contain any alcohol, which means it doesn't sting.



Breeze Foot Spray

Do you or someone you know have feet that could do with a little help?

Foot odour is a problem many like to talk about, but one that can easily be remedied with a little TLC. Our natural foot spray will help in the battle, and it will do so effectively without any nasty chemicals in sight.

The skin on the feet can absorb things surprisingly well, so it is worth making sure the products are safe.

An essential part of your sports kit, this spray will also help prevent athlete's foot.



Organic Rosemary Castile Soap

An organic soap that washes clean, naturally, safely, and gently.

Use for shaving if you like foam!

Lovely crisp, clean and masculine scent.

Is delivered with cap. A pump can be ordered separately.

Vegetarian, vegan, 100% natural, organic