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Nothing Nasty Toners are made to compliment your moisturising and cleansing regimen, and will help to keep your skin healthy, happy and rosy.  

Many of our customers report that they have great results using the natural toner and the natural moisturiser combined. There are no fillers in our toners like water, or drying agents like alcohol, only pure, natural and active ingredients.

We use flower waters for our toners. They smell delightful and carry the benefits of the flower they were extracted from. To this we add essential oils that have very potent healing benefits, and all our essential oils are specially chosen for the particular needs of the various skin types.

All our natural toners are suitable for sentitive skins.

The toners are also great for hot days in the office, keeping your skin dewy fresh on the plane, on a hot summer's day on the beach, and in air conditioned or centrally heated rooms.

See our full range of lovely Natural Skin Care Products.


Prime Facial Toner

A refreshing and caring natural facial toner for mature skin. Will revitalise your skin and stimulate the regenerating and healing processes. Together with the moisturiser, this completes your skin routine. No alcohol or drying ingredients in sight.



Flawless Facial Toner

If you have skin like me, that sometimes breaks out, that can feel a little dry in places, and a little greasy in others, or if your skin can get a little itchy, tight, red and sore, then this is the toner for you. This natural facial toner contains lovely essential oils to soothe the skin, to prevent further breakouts and to renew cells. It works best in combination with our Flawless Facial Moisturiser.

"I carried on using just these 2 products (Ed. note: Rosemary Castile Soap and Flawless Facial Moisturiser) for a while but recently added the Flawless Facial Toner into my routine and cannot believe the difference it has made. My skin is so much better now, and any breakouts I do have are very minor. Caroline, UK



Ideal Facial Toner

For those of you lucky enough to have trouble free skin, here is a delicious natural facial toner to help maintain your skin. It will keep your skin lovely and soft, will add some rosiness and moisture, and is excellent for combating air conditioning and central heating dryness.