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Nothing Nasty natural bathsalts offer a decadent and luxurious experience. They contain pure seasalt, epsom salts and bicarbonate of soda, as well as herbs and essential oils. The salts can be thrown straight in the bathwater, or put in a little muslin bag to avoid debris. 

Seasalt helps to make the skin soft and smooth, it contains natural minerals that can be absorbed by the body. Epsom salts contains magnesium - well known for reducing muscle strain and pain (it may also reduce cramps in the legs).  Enough magnesium in the body can even elevate your mood. 

The bicarbonate of soda helps to reduce sore skin and redness, it can help making your hair squeaky clean,  and will keep your skin beautifully soft!

The combination of the three salts is especially good for destressing and relaxing! 

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